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August 22nd, 2011, 06:08
Originally Posted by Eisberg View Post
When it comes to Bioware games, I have decided to not buy any of them till they re release the game that includes all the DLC in one package. Paying $5-10 for 1-2 hours of content, or just some items is not worth it to me.
The thing that's annoying with them is that even when they do that, it still requires their online activation system to authorize the DLC and you need to create a Bioware account to do that. In the case of Dragon Age: Origins there have been issues where the servers don't authorize properly the DLC that you own even if you have the Ultimate Edition.

By the time the Ultimate/Gold/Game of the Year/Uber Platinum Velvet/whatever editions come out all that DLC is old anyway. Just put it all in the game installer and let people run it when the game starts and call it good.
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