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August 22nd, 2011, 13:06
Originally Posted by Couchpotato View Post
We were talking about the dog or animal companions you can have. Not Skyrim looking like fable. I dont know about you but I find them annoying if they are forced on you like fallout and fable.
I don't recall having a dog forced upon me in Fallout and I don't see any reason to think we'll have a dog forced upon us in Skyrim.

Also, when people say "Skyrim looks a lot like Fable" - I tend to believe they're saying the game looks a lot like Fable - regardless of your interpretation.

If they mean something else, like: "Skyrim looks nothing like Fable - but it seems to also have dog companions" - then they should probably say that instead.

Personally, I think I'll need to see more than a screenshot of dog standing next to the player, to start making any significant Fable - Skyrim connection. The house feature has been a staple of TES since long before Fable existed. The spouse thing? Ok, that's a new one for TES - but I have to say the games appear to be VERY, VERY different in both theme and gameplay.




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