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August 22nd, 2011, 13:12
Originally Posted by Eisberg View Post
When it comes to Bioware games, I have decided to not buy any of them till they re release the game that includes all the DLC in one package.
Same here.

Originally Posted by Motoki View Post
The thing that's annoying with them is that even when they do that, it still requires their online activation system to authorize the DLC and you need to create a Bioware account to do that.
I fear that they might even withhold some DLCs for their "indirect DRM" scheme (like with ME1) … This "authorization" is to me nothing but "indirect DRM" as well. It's so less painful that even the biggest DRM haters don't notice it.

Everyone who doenloads abnd "authorizes" a DLC is in principle nothing but … a non-pirate, in their eyes, I guess.

And even if I delete the DLC from my harddisk - then I'd have to download it again.

In principle, there's no way for me to store the DLCs on self-burned discs for later use … At least I wouldn't know how.
And the same is true for "authorized" DLCs - I wouldn't know how to transfer this "authorization" so on a self-burned disch that i would be able to use it even after EA has de-activated the "Authorisation Servers" … And I'm sure they'll do it one day ! - They have de-activated MP servers already, so i believe that everything is possible … But on the other hand I guess that the games of now wouldn't be able to run on the contemporary OSses the day EA de-activates their servers anyway …
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