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August 22nd, 2011, 15:35
Originally Posted by hishadow View Post
The setup looks nice but I would go crazy with only 3 hours battery time. Admittedly, Windows 7 isn't the best OS for keeping battery utilization at a minimum, but on my laptop I can stretch the duration quite a bit by dimming the display.
I thought that would be an issue. Turns out that it's rare that I need more than 3 hours of active use without a plug nearby. Going to the university is exactly a such situation as I spend 2 hours on bus per day, with 3-6 hours of lectures. For those situations I bought a XP18000 battery which is the cord you see on the photo above. The XP18000 battery gives me an extra 3 hours on the High Performance setting so 5-6 hours in total. One must count in 30 minutes of breaks during a 3 hour lecture so 6 hours battery for 6 hours of lecture is actually 6 hours of battery for 5 hours.

One also have to remember that EP121 is the fastest Tablet on the market. It makes even iPad 2 behave sluggy and slow. The batterytime is accordingly. Throttle the performance a bit and run less hungry software and batterylife is prolonged.

But sure, I would love a EP121-2 with prolonged batterylife. If I buy a new device I would most definitely go for a Win 8 Tablet. I do not believe iPad and Android can compete in versatility and use compared to a real computer.

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