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August 22nd, 2011, 20:10
I have two Android tablets (well one was a Nook color that I put Android on) an Android phone and just grabbed a closeout Touchpad (along with about a half a million other people apparently).

I like Android. At first there weren't a lot of apps but more and more if something is on iOS it usually has an Android port. I would say vs a year ago maybe 3 times out of 10 an iOS app would have an Android version or something very comparable and now it's about 7 times out of 10 so it's catching up. This is mainly utility apps I am speaking of. Games are an exception and I think Android is a little slower to catch on there but there are definitely still more games now than a year ago.

If you're willing to do some tinkering with your device there are some good deals to be had in Android tablets. My larger one is a Viewsonic G Tablet I got for $229. The stock OS was pretty bad, but I installed a custom ROM on it for Android 2.3 and it runs really well. I did pretty much the same thing with my Nook Color which I got for $249. Purportedly, there's work being done and an Android ROM for the Touchpad so I may go that route in the future too.

It is possible to brick your device if you don't know what you are doing when you do these OS upgrades, but there's a lot information out on the net and some really good 'For Dummies' style step by step guides.

Overall, I'm happy. I got 3 tablets for around $600 and they work pretty well so I can't complain.
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