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August 22nd, 2011, 20:29
Let's see who shows up and what people need. It's best to do GH quests when all who still need favor are present. On the other hand we need to make sure we don't wait long enough so high level characters will drop the XP earned from the quest too much. Since GH is about level 13-14 and Necro 4 / Vale about level 16-17 it means we're about to outlevel the GH quests, except the raid.

The extra 10 hp reward is too good to give up for Rhogu, Wouldii, Mariannelle, Sherrille, Kerriatao and Kerriabaka. You can quickly get the needed favor when we play on elite.

E. g. my FvS had just 86 Argonessen favor on Friday and did Foundation of Discord (18), Maze of Madness (18), Madstone crater (24) and Cry for Help (hard only - 14). That was 74 favor. So 4 quests gave me 1 full tier of favor.

Our group is so strong so we can do all quests on elite and that means it's time efficient to do it together. In pug's you can get all kinds of players and fail so it's not recommended.

Your have only 1 toon you play so you've got to the favor already. You could have used your bard to get favor while you can despite losing a bit of XP. Playing on elite (+50%) will outweigh the powerlevel penalty (-50%) and you could get your bard to level 13 with 150 Argonessen favor and a collapsed portable hole and +10hp as a reward. You can always play on normal and hard later when our future TR's catch your bard.
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