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August 23rd, 2011, 11:40
I doubt it's that simple.

Personally, I think the process of developing a game under this publisher-system is very challenging as a newcomer - and there's really no way to feel certain as an up-and-coming developer. You basically just have to make promises and hope to be able to keep them. You could also not make these promises, and get no funding for your game.

But aside from the newcomer aspect, every development process is unique, with unique challenges - and I think it's an illusion to claim that it's a predictable concept.

Also, I don't think "the blame" is too interesting a concept as it relates to the human beings involved. The publisher is also bound by the system - and they have to make money. They can't just ignore that risks are taken - and they have to apply pressure. While I don't have much love for their money-orientation - I don't think their path is all that easy either.

Essentially, the problem and "the blame" lies with the system moreso than it does with the participants. That's generally speaking, of course, and we've no shortage of people interacting with the system in the most unspeakably stupid or tasteless fashion time and time again.




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