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August 23rd, 2011, 12:11
@Tragos, I thought I'd been really good about shutting up during cutscenes - they just sometimes catch me by suprise - I think I was worse at it early on. The Jumping action (assuming you mean the cuts between bits of scene) tends to be to either cut out backtracking or because nothing really interesting happened except killing a few people - they've been pointed out by other people, so I've tried to reduce them, or use better linking segments and explanatory text.

Anyway, thanks for watching, and if you could point out any particular bits that struck you as really bad I'd appreciate it.

@Motoki, yeah, it's got a real Euro-comic feel to the character design.

I'm intending to do a 'Competant version' of episode 27 - where I don't spend 6 minutes *1 running around cluelessly trying every weapon in my arsenal.

*1 Cut down to 1 minute 30 by the magic of Yakety Sax
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