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August 23rd, 2011, 18:02

At first, I though Bioshock is extremley overrated in all aspects ( especially in terms of story and atmosphere ) and I had this feeling toward the middle of the game, but after the plot shows some of its twists and I totally became familar with the game-play and the combat, the game starts to show it's true potential. I want to describe every aspect that I liked about the game seperately.

Storytelling: Unlike many games which force their story and lore to the player, Bioshock slowly , carefully and most important of all, constantly presents it through radio messages and audio diaries. This way, you don't need to read long texts or see long scripted events or cut-scenes to understand what's going on. Story presentation in Bioshock is vert well thought and makes the story look like a lot better than it is.

Combat: Combat in Bioshock is very interesting and engaging. Although you kill a lot of splicers in the game, but I personally never felt tired doing so. Mostly due to the fact that you have lots of way to kill your enemy. In other words, combat is dynamic. ( Especially for big daddies ) You can freeze splicers and shatter them with wrench, you can burn them with incinerate plasmid, you can throw explosives and objects toward them with telekenesis, you can hack some turrets and then lure splicers to them, etc. I can't say the possibilites are limitless, but there is enough variation in combat to prevent boredom. Of course, I recommend you to play the game on hard. The combat is quite challenging and enjoyable on hard, especially if you limit your use of vita chambers like I did.

Sound effects and voice acting: Sound effects and voice acting in Bioshock are among the best in my recent memory. The scream of splicers, the sound of electro bolts, the delightful sound of your wrench's blow on enemies, Big daddies roar, they all add up to the whole experience. The same thing can be said about voice acting, There aren't much characters and NPCs in Bioshock, but the voice acting for those few characters is greatly performed and truly fits the character.

Experience behind the creation of the game: Soemtimes you play a game and like it a lot, but there are some aspects in the game that you don't like, they are moslty the result of the lack of care or experience from developers. This is not the case with Bioshcok. Developers really knew what they were making. For example, the game always has a new thing to offer you, even near the end. You can always go back to all of the levels you have been in case you have forgot something to pick up. The levels are full of little details that you can easily pass by them unnoticed. Pacing is great. These are all signs of experience and care behind the game and I really appreciated it.

Well, to sum this post, I have to say Bioshock is a game that you can't turn a blind eye into. No matter how do you feel about it. It's not one of the best games ever, but still, it's a very worthwhile experience especially when it's compared to many of the other games of this generation.

Score: 8.6/10
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