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August 23rd, 2011, 18:10
Originally Posted by RampantCoyote View Post
My guess, based on the timing and how recently the game was released, is that the studio had blown their advance, was nearly out of money, released the game when they did because they really had no choice, and failed to secure a new project in time to keep them afloat.

Incidentally, my former boss is in jail because he did NOT lay off a big chunk of the studio when bad times like this happened. He assumed that pending milestone payments from publishers would eventually arrive (they did not - the publisher went bankrupt while owing us nearly a million dollars), and paid us with money that was supposed to go to the IRS and to employee 401k plans.

Making games isn't all fun and games.
So your former boss is in jail because he's a decent guy that wanted to give your guys your paychecks? So it would have been better if his company just had went bankrupt, then? Since, by US laws, firms are then required to pay the paychecks to their employees.

As for waiting for milestones to be paid, isn't not paying those, a big part of what publishers do? I think I remember reading this somewhere…here, maybe…
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