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August 23rd, 2011, 19:40
Originally Posted by aries100 View Post
So your former boss is in jail because he's a decent guy that wanted to give your guys your paychecks? So it would have been better if his company just had went bankrupt, then? Since, by US laws, firms are then required to pay the paychecks to their employees.

As for waiting for milestones to be paid, isn't not paying those, a big part of what publishers do? I think I remember reading this somewhere…here, maybe…
That's basically the problem. He was trying to be a nice guy, and was trying not to lay people off while waiting to get new projects in. He was not buckling to business reality, did some creative accounting to paper things over in the short-term, and then got stuck holding the bag when the people that owed HIM money declared bankruptcy.

Since I'd managed to get out early with everything the company owed me, I'm not personally as vengeful as some of my former coworkers who worked for him on empty promises for weeks - sometimes even months.

But the jail-time was because of the creative accounting. If he'd *just* ripped off his employees… well, folks get away with that all the time. But rip off the government, and you are screwed.
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