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August 24th, 2011, 00:12
I voted for Morrowind with Daggerfall a very close second. If it wasn't for the 2011 Overhaul graphic and sound mod, that brings MW up to Oblivion late beta level or beyond, with occlusion, distant view, water reflections of everything, high res textures and a plethora of sound additions (it really is a thing to behold now), I might have voed for Daggerfall. With the various mods that add a sort of Radiant AI, much more in-depth conversation with many NPC's. the Morrowind Comes Alive mod which add many more NPC's and character type NPC's (like Vampire Hunters!) and mods like Morrowind Children etc, you can really make Morrowind look, sound and play on a whole new level compared with it's vanilla release!

I own Daggerfall, bought it when it first came out, have Arena too, and Battlespire and Redguard, so I know my Elder Scroll Lore! What was a shame - and so silly, was Bethesda not releasing the Daggerfall and Arena manuals.I wouldn't have helped getting the games to work in DOSBox, but having got the games working you would have had the great manuals to read, with all the history, characters, weapons and types of armour and spells, etc!

If you are thinking of coming from Morrowind/Oblivion to Daggerfall, and want the same sort of interface in Daggerfall, do the following:

Install the game. Go into the install directory and look for the last file z.cfg. open this file with notepad, and where it says "controls betaplyr.dat", change it to "controls viewplyr.dat" This will give you mouse view, and a WASD style control method. Just go into options when the game starts (Escape key) go to controls and see how the controls are set up, as you will need to remember them, this will be because you have an interface that just has your strength/magic/fatigue bars in the bottom left and compass in bottom right, and that's it! You'll be able to look around with a mouse, and to pick up an item or open a door, etc, you just have to left mouse-click on it!

Now, back to z.cfg: Add the following lines to the end of the config file:

cheatmode 1
repairmagic 1

The cheatmode 1 will enable you to escape from if/when you "fall through" the game scenery. Just use [ and ] to scroll through "quest rooms"until you get somewhere you want to carry on from. If you want to totally cheat you can find the quest room that has the quest item in it too!

The repairmagic 1 will enable you to get enchanted items repaired,just like normal items.

Hope this helps.
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