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August 24th, 2011, 20:29
There was a full game they released between ka and ka ii; that was not an add on to ka. I no longer remember the name; but it had less magic - i skipped it due to hearing it had the same technical issues as ka.
Anyways it was a lot of fun but the crashes drove me nutss (there were also frequent crashes where you would fight a battle - a very long battle and when it was going to give you the conclusion it would crash! (so no chance to save). That happened a *lot* when fighting the undead. Anyways the only other complaints i had was load time was a bit slow (and i had to load a lot due to crashes).
I could live with slow load times if they would be more responsive to fixing crashes. On the good side the system was fun; the maps were fun; the quests (esp text quests) were fun and the game was dirt cheap.
I wouldn't pay anymore than I paid with the crashes but if they can fix the crashes I would be willing to pay more.
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