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August 26th, 2011, 15:37
Originally Posted by villain of the story View Post
Uh… what? The only thing you need to do to have mouse-look and custom controls is to go into options from the game menu, choose "mouse-look" option there and remap the keys. Crazy, isn't it?

You don't sound like someone who could possibly have bought Daggerfall "when it came out". Your post reads like you have just discovered the game.
Why go to the trouble of remapping all the keys to WASD, etc, when by changing betaplyr.dat to viewplyr.dat, the game will do it for you! You would have to click on Mouse to get mouse-look and options to choose VIEW mode then go into controls and change most/all the keys.

My method you change that file, then just check the new key controls and play! And you have to go into the z.cfg file to enter cheatmode 1 and magicrepair 1 anyway!

By the way, please explain what I said that makes you feel I didn;t buy this game when it come out? Because you think your system is better and mine worse? How egotistical!
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