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August 26th, 2011, 18:26
Originally Posted by Dajjer View Post
Really, especially since you stated in your initial post you got the game when it came out.

BTW, great post, I've been thinking about retrying Arena/Daggerfall (again) but all the other times it just doesn't work out. I will keep your post in mind if I reinstall. BTW2, I haven't checked in a while but there used to be a couple of web sites that dealt with old manuals (replacementdocs.com???). But its too early in the morn and I'm far too lazy right now to check it out . . . .

Replacementdocs had to pull all their Bethesda manuals on Bethesda's say-so. So you won't find the manuals there!

I think many more of those downloading the free version would have played it longer if they had had the manual, for a start, the manual points out how playing in VIEW mode is so much better! It also points out you should only re-load when you die, as the game is designed for you to make mistakes. Without the manual, I wonder how many people who downloaded the free version just took the first quest given to them because they didn't think they could say "no" because the game would say "lost" like in a modern game,meaning they took on a quest way too hard. I see no logical reason for Bethesda holding back on the Arena and Daggerfall manuals. It seems silly to me!
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