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August 27th, 2011, 01:32
Originally Posted by Motoki View Post
I thought I saw an RPG-ish looking game or 2 on there. Have you tried any of those?
Here is a basic list of what games Gameloft cloned:
Hero of Sparta I/II = God of War
Shadow Guardian = Uncharted 2
Modern Combat = Modern Warfare
Zombie Infection = Resident Evil IV
Eternal Legacy = Final Fantasy XIII
Dungeon Hunter 2 = Diablo/Dungeon Siege
Sacred Odyssey = Zelda (N64 and Wii)
Starfront - Collision = Starcraft Series
Brain Challenge = Brain Age
Gangstar = Grand Theft Auto
Blades of Fury = Soulcalibur
Asphalt = Grand Turismo
Skater Nation = Tony Hawk
Shrek Kart = Mario Kart
Star Batallion = Starfox/Starwars
Nova = Halo
Order & Chaos = World of Warcraft

Originally Posted by Motoki View Post
I actually haven't had any problems except for my brief trial of Honeycomb. I'm running 2.3 via the Cyanogen mod on my two tablets and 2.2 (stock) on my phone. I dabbled with Honeycomb briefly but I there were some compatibility issues so I'm sticking with 2.3 for now. Some of the user made roms are actually decent and really stable.
I am not talking about 'problems', such as how way too many apps won't work on my Acer Iconia 3.2 Honeycomb tablet … it is just that the same game on a new Droid dual-core system looks and performs worse than on my 1st gen iPod Touch, let alone my 4th gen Touch.
-- Mike
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