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August 28th, 2011, 16:08
I was trying to play Team Fortress 2 for the very first time … Again, like in the past, I found the "Steam" client layout totally ugly.

No real help, 50% in English language even when I decided to use it in German language … There's nowhere a help function whichg explicitely explains all of the menu entries & options to me (a thing that EVERY normal office program is able to !) - it especially doesn't explain to me, what is meant by "saving games" in the options menu …

On top of it, I tried the tutorial - and THEn got a message -while being in OFFLINE mode - that a valve's multiplayer anti-cheat thing couldn't be loaded … Hello ? I did NOT want to play multiplayer !!!
I just HATE to be thrown back into the game's main menu simply because i wanted to play an tutorial ! Why are they going to keep me from cheating in an tutorial ???

It really escapes me how a client-server platform with such a shitty designed client layout could have THAT much success … Here in daylight, I had quite some problems reading this grey-on-black text of the client ! And even worse, ALTHOUGh there is a menu entry called "skin", there is only 1 option ! (It is called "standard" by the way. Give no alternatives and call what's available "standard". How cynical".)
Someone there must have a real *hate* for light colours !

Now I'm trying to start it in online mode - hoping that the error message of this anti-cheat thing, that had disruped my play and sent me *instantly* back to the menu screen - won't bicker again.

Oh, how I hate this.

Stewam won't win any usability awards within the next 2 Millennia, if they keep on doing things like that …
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