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August 28th, 2011, 16:25
Originally Posted by Daroou View Post
The PC version of U3 was mediocre. Atari 8bit was very nice.
The Atari 8 bit version was what I played too. I had bought an Atari in 1982 but didn't get a floppy drive for it until the next year - they cost over $300 at that time. The first games I bought on floppy were Infocom's Enchanter and Origin's Ultima III. That was my first real RPG and I have been playing them ever since.

I bought Ultima IV on the Atari 8 bit and started playing it but picked up an Atari ST shortly thereafter. I contacted Origin and they allowed me to trade my Atari 8 bit discs for the ST version for a nominal shipping charge. The Atari ST version of Ultima IV was fantastic. It would use the built in MIDI ports on the Atari to play the music. I had a Yamaha DX7 and Ensoniq Mirage, and playing the game with those devices rendering the music was something that nothing on the PC come close to for nearly a decade, until the Soundblaster AWE cards were released in 1994.
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