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August 31st, 2011, 13:07
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
I just double-checked, and yes, it's definitely installed correctly. The launcher that was bundled with the mod comes up when I start the game, and I have DX10 selected as the renderer. All the files are in the correct folders.

I even reinstalled the game in a separate location so I could directly compare it with and without the mod. I just don't see a big difference. I notice that textures are sharper, but that's about it. I think I'm simply a victim of my own expectations though.. I was expecting to see new lighting effects and such.

*Edit* I don't actually need to install DX10 right? I assume those files would be present in DX11.
I didn't install DX10 specifically, and I'm using Windows 7.

Well, I'm not sure what you are expecting, but the textures have significantly changed and improved. The building textures on Liberty Island, for instance, look MUCH more detailed. They don't have any advanced effects, though - at least not as far as I can see.

But I'd say you can immediately see the difference no matter what.

I didn't install the NVTextures to a separate folder - I just replaced the existing ones. Not sure if that would help you, but otherwise I'm stumped as to what it can be.

Oh, and if you're serious about playing it - I highly recommend the Shifter mod - as it contains some nice gameplay additions. Most importantly, it rewards XP for appropriate actions ala Deus Ex HR. Meaning, you get more XP the more "skilled" you play.




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