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September 3rd, 2011, 14:36
The Metroid Prime series is very good as well. I liked the first one a lot more than MP2 though. I've never gotten around to finishing MP3 for some reason, and it remains the only Metroid title I haven't completed. Last year's Metroid: Other M was sort of a throwback to Super Metroid in play style, but wasn't nearly as memorable to me as SM.
One of the main issues with Other M, in my opinion, was the story that they forced in. The gameplay was quite good, the bosses were (like in all Metroid games from Super metroid up to today) really good and some of the puzzles were quite nice. The story just detracted from the experience, with a rather uninteresting plot and poor voice acting (it was not a total trainwreck though). If they had made the story less intrusive, then I think the game would have been one of the better Metroids (but the level design would still be inferior to Super Metroid).

I used to be a big fan of the Castlevania games as well, but that series really went downhill in terms of quality in recent years.
I've played most Castlevania games up to, and including, Aria of sorrow, and found the 2d CVs from Symphony of the night to Aria of sorrow to be the best ones. Are the 2d CVs going downhill, or are they just trying to force 3d into the series yet again? (the only modern console that I own is a Wii, and I own no handhelds other than a GBA and an old grey brick (GB), so I don't know much about what is going on on the console side of things).
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