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September 3rd, 2011, 18:30
Originally Posted by Fnord View Post
One of the main issues with Other M, in my opinion, was the story that they forced in. The gameplay was quite good, the bosses were (like in all Metroid games from Super metroid up to today) really good and some of the puzzles were quite nice. The story just detracted from the experience, with a rather uninteresting plot and poor voice acting (it was not a total trainwreck though). If they had made the story less intrusive, then I think the game would have been one of the better Metroids (but the level design would still be inferior to Super Metroid.)
The story was somewhat forgettable, but I had more of an issue with the gameplay. I don't feel their attempt to mix 2D elements with 3D worked very well, and would have prefered that they had gone fully one way or the other. I also thought the game was far too easy.

Originally Posted by JemyM View Post
Castlevania I looks super hard. I wouldn't have the patience to get through a game like that today. The various remakes and upgrades for Castlevania I was interesting, especially Akumajō Dracula X68000 which had an amazing background to the game with alot of cool stuff going on. The Arcade Version looked good but the character look like he got something stuck up his behind.

The various GameBoy titles were a bit boring. Cool with a female character in Legends. Kid Dracula was a bit funny considering what a weird offshoot it was compared to the other titles. The WII remake of Adventure (Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth) look really good though even if it didn't seem to have much related to the gameboy version.

The change from Castlevania I to Simon's Quest was interesting. I have seen a couple of reviewers trashing Castlevania II completely, including Angry Videogame Nerd and the perhaps even funnier Egoraptor. It's interesting how complaints over dumbification applies even to a such old title.
The first Castlevania was indeed pretty hard, but was satisfying to finish. I remember it was the 2nd game I ever purchased for the NES.. the first being Ghost and Goblins. It was also the best NES Castlvania imo. Simon's Quest was enjoyable, but not as good overall, and Castlevania III was more frustrating than fun.

Castlevania IV was one of the first SNES games I purchased, and I thought it was the best in the series since the original. Bloodlines wasn't bad, but I never finished it for some reason. I never really played any of the Gameboy titles other than just to try them. I'm not a fan of the Gameboy in general, and none of them struck me as being particularly special.

I haven't been impressed with any of the games since Symphony of the Night, and the most recent title on PS3 was simply terrible imo.
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