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September 4th, 2011, 00:07
Now that I've completed the PS expansion, I think the criticism was largely unwarranted. In some area's, it gets a bit repetitive, true, but you DO have some riddles, and you DO have some new gear, which, if you all put it together, makes actually a pretty good armament. And some new alchemy too. For a small expansion, it isn't bad. The story gets a bit confusing, especially at the end (and if you don't know much about the dark eye lore), but all in all, while the expansion might not be superb, it's not crap neither. It's pretty ok, and a good deal for under 10 euro. For 29 euro, as some have said they had to pay, it's a bit steep a price, though. I would recommend waiting until the price drops below 10 euro's, and if you liked drakensang you will find it a welcome addition to the main game. You have to look at it as *a modest expansion* for the original game, not a complete game on itself, though.

Alas… little chance of a third game/edition. I would have liked that.
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