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September 4th, 2011, 05:03
Just reading the topic not the content as it is too substantial to keep up with but ATM I am having a slight Mystery Case Files addiction. All but Prime Suspects. Although I have played through that one again too.

I also started to play Alice Madness Returns but cannot get past the lava/Teapot/Doormouse/Platform place. So I have stopped playing it sadly. I wish it had a noclip so I could just ghost over it but alas no cheats that are useable for that issue.

Lastly, and of course, I am ALWAYS in Guild Wars because I can run quick missions SOLO and succeed and still be there for my baby when she needs me.

I peek into City Of Heroes once in a while but have no inclination to play that without my friends in there and I can only jump in there at night when no one is on. Pretty much like DnD. I got it all loaded with the new content and of course no one was on since it is so late and all the missions available to me are meant for team play or pay to play. I had a few minutes to goof off in Three Barrel Cove from when someone bought me a pass but I couldn't find it so I just logged off. (Shoulda posted that in Team Corwin thread)

And THATS what I'm playing if Im not playing with my beautiful daughter which incidentally is a better game than ANYTHING I mentioned.
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