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September 4th, 2011, 10:04
Your choices do definitely have consequences in DEHR, and often far reaching ones. However they aren't necesarily dramatic consequences. It's more like a lot of little things that can happen differently depending on what you do. But nothing that is going to dramatically effect the main plot.

I generally assume that most DLC will be far worse then original game, be interesting to see if that holds up here. I actually much prefer when expansions reset your character….game systems are generally only balanced around your character gaining a certain number of "levels" and frequenltly have already started to break down by the end game. You can see this in DEHR by the way in which there is a ton of choice about how to design your character in the beginning, but by the end everyone looks almost exactly the same. As a result it's generally far better to reset then to tack a bunch of new character levels and powers onto a system that was never designed to handle them.
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