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September 4th, 2011, 17:55
Has any game been able to really break this thresh hold?

Cloaking/Invisibility is more due to limitations of funding, AI, programming and hardware. Firstly they are trying to design a game AI that works for Run/Gun and Stealth, but the AI technology is very limited when trying to do it.

Secondly it would cost much more and take much longer to build a game design with Hide In Shadows type of technology but then add Run/Gun. The main issue being the limitation of the hardware in the console, since it was the lead platform. This also covers the increase funding and man hours as well.

I'm not even sure there is a engine/AI system that can do it. E.g. Unreal has an advance AI but it cheats just as much as any other AI. If you have ever played UT then you probably have experience AI sniping you from across the map, with Fog (which has no effect on AI) and No LoS. A second way AI cheats on a Run/Gun game is that if you put your Mouse Cursor/Targeting Reticle on the AI, they Auto Target you so you can't get the drop on them i.e. no stealth.
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