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September 4th, 2011, 18:32
Originally Posted by Acleacius View Post
I hope this dlc is better than it sounds, just the premise sounds like it doesn't fit in the game.

AP is a RPG, DE3 isn't. I'm not saying DE3 isn't a good game, just hard to see it as a more than a Action game, with some RPG elements. Granted Eidos Montreal pulled off a minor miracle just managing not to piss everyone off.

I really haven't found any choice and consequences here in DE3, yet in AP almost every conversation can and often does have an effect on the game. Of course there is no comparison to the budgets and production value. If AP had this this much funding, would have been a much better game than how it was forced out unfinished.
At the very beginning of the game, while you are inside the corporate offices as an augmented Jensen, before your first mission. If you stick around to long in those offices, the hostages will die in the very first mission. I would call that choice and consequence. If that was at the very beginning of the game, just imagine what other kind of stuff there is in the rest of the game that has not been realized yet.
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