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September 4th, 2011, 20:54
Originally Posted by curious View Post
well they sure as hell better have a light and shadow system figured out by thief 4. all good "stealth" games really do need to have some for of gradient "hide in shadows" function.

if foxnews says it then it must be true
i'm sure that may rally support for investments in the technology as it would truly give a scary edge/power to those who wielded the technology, but thankfully i think that is one idea that will stay in science fiction. now i'm sure they may come up with a level of cloaking that make work at larger distances but there's no way any of us in our lifetimes will see the kind where someone can walk right in front of you without being seen in any kind of lighting environment.

Read the stuff mate; Fox News just happened to be the first site I picked off of Google. It's as real as you and I are (I swear I'm not a cleverly programmed AI designed to influence and distort ideas, as cool as that may sound). Of course it's not even refraction of light at all, but simply using cameras to project images to create the illusion of invisibility.

It's certainly not as advanced as what we see described in DX3, but I'm just saying that the research is moving along as we speak.
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