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September 4th, 2011, 21:42
Originally Posted by curious View Post
well they sure as hell better have a light and shadow system figured out by thief 4. all good "stealth" games really do need to have some for of gradient "hide in shadows" function.
Haha, no kidding. Actually there are good Stealth or Run/Gun games but none I've seen at least that really combine the two. I doubt there will be any running and gunning in Thief 4.
Originally Posted by Eisberg View Post
At the very beginning of the game, while you are inside the corporate offices as an augmented Jensen, before your first mission. If you stick around to long in those offices, the hostages will die in the very first mission. I would call that choice and consequence. If that was at the very beginning of the game, just imagine what other kind of stuff there is in the rest of the game that has not been realized yet.
Gtk, thanks. I usually always play games strait good side, so never would have known. There was no reason to stay and every reason to go. Ooc is Jensen told there are hostages, I can't recall atm?
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