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Default When is it safe to leave Avestrue?

September 4th, 2011, 22:05
Thank s for all the help on my other posts guys! Got a good question here ….

I know you get locked out from the first town, Avestrue, once you leave and you need to make sure you completed all the quests first. What else do you need to make sure you have/do before you go?

1) What about recipes? Vendors have alchemist recipes etc; can I get them in the next town or do I need to buy them now?

2) Armor? Noticed some armor pieces are for sale, can I find them other places or should I get what i can now?

3) What about training? Do I need to train my respective guys now (such as on alchemy or blacksmithing) or can I wait till the next town?

4) Any supplies off vendors I should get that will be hard to find later? I did read that you should get as much as you can harvesting the respawning monsters using animal lore because that stuff (like the sinews isn't as easy to come by later).

5) What level should my guys be when I leave?
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