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September 5th, 2011, 04:42
You know, this 'carpal tunnel' has come on very strong, like within the last two weeks I can barely type a post or two before my hands and wrist ache. Gaming is next to impossible, and that's a dagger right in my heart i'm sure you can imagine. I wake up w/ stiff and painful fingers. I think this may not be carpal tunnel tho, but a bodily reaction to a drug that I've been prescribed and have been taking for a couple weeks. Joint pain / inflammation is listed in the rare side effects, but hey I'm that 1% type of person anyway. If that's the case it's really messing me up badly here, lately in the last couple days I am really feeling weak, even breathing at times takes effort. But it's one of those "taper" type drugs that you work up your dosage, 1mg one week, 2mg the next, all the way up to 5mg. So i dont feel like I can just stop taking it, since it's a blood pressure medication. But it's the Labor Day weekend, and I cant get ahold of my DR for advice…

I'm at 2 doses, I think if anything I'm not going to stop but drop back down to one tonight. Like I said, this is a dagger in my heart to not be able to game on a 4 day weekend. Operating a mouse, even a trackball, destroys my hand and arm. Going to try the 360 next. I'm BORED as HELL!
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