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September 5th, 2011, 07:39
Ever think of going training your left hand to use the mouse? That way you have a whole new wrist to mess up

Seriously, I switch to my left hand every now and then if my wrist starts to hurt. Also finger excerises and stopping every hour or so (more like every 3 hours) for a ten minute break really helps. I know it's pretty much general knowledge, but ever since I started doing the finger exercises and stopping to watch a show on TV for a bit my wrist doesn't act up much at all.

I saw this guy on the Tonight show way before I left for Taiwan and have been doing the simple exercises he showed on the show (never bought his book….guess I should since those exercises he demonstrated helped so much ).

Here are the few exercises he demonstrated on the show.

I forgot to mention that switching to the left hand only works for turnbased games.
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