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September 5th, 2011, 09:44
honestly i'd rather see pirahna bytes take some chances and after risen explore the sci-fi realm. there's no reason to think they can't make a futuristic game. in fact when i first played the gothic demo back in 2000 the thing it reminded me most of was the movie no escape which took place on a prison colony in the future that was cut off from the rest of the world. they have talent and although risen was a great game as i'm sure risen 2 will be i think if they pushed themselves out of their comfort zone they could blow us all away.

just finished bulletstorm which i had only bought a) because i got it for `$15 and be because of any interview i heard a while back with ken levine. its a very fun action game of which i normally never play or like despite any setting. the story is not great but the art direction i enjoyed and the furistic resort setting that a bunch of the game took place in was quite enjoyable and quite art decoish which is but one of the things it shares in common with bioshock. the combat is diverse and the physics you use in combat never ceases to be fun. the "xp" system in the game rewards "combat creativity" through many different techniques and this is really the selling point of the game--trying to figure out different ways to use the environment, weapons, and even the enemies themselves. its a fun romp and full of crash language. its got a number of similarities to bioshock, borderlands, though i prefer it much to the later as its linearity keeps the game from getting boring. for someone who had never played duke nukem, serious sam, and didn't like max payne i suprisingly enjoyed this action game for he earlier reasons described. i really haven't seen a game besides bioshock or dark messiah where using the enviroment in combat played such a huge rule though it is a far more shootfest than either of those two. despite earning points for achieving things in the game i'd hesitate to say the game even has "rpg elements"
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