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September 5th, 2011, 15:01
As far as I am concerned save and reload is Re-spawning if you are trained to hit the quick save/load key without thinking about it It may be less annoying if you are on a low end system where load times are an issue.

Encumbrance was painful in Oblivion and I took lot of strength on my mage so that I can carry things about. However it was needed else the economy will be broke in no time. Unlike other games, TES games allows you to loot pretty much anything on the body. If you are allowed to carry all those loot then you will be rich in no time and that ruins the game. So they either limit how much you can carry or limit the loot on the mobs. I prefer they limit how much you can carry (so I have the choice to what to pick up) even though it can be super annoying sometime.
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