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September 6th, 2011, 00:03
Originally Posted by blackcanopus View Post
There's something I don't like about this game, as well as other sequels and so-called spiritual successors to System Shock/Deus Ex games (BioShock, Human Revolution, BioShock Infinite and Dishonored). All of them have unrealistic and exaggerated art styles. It's odd, because their gameplay is supposed to be immersive, while the graphics and presentation break immersion.
I don't agree.. There's a lot of really immersive animated movies, some more so than non-animated ones, so art style has nothing to do with breaking immersion. As for games, i think i prefer when they dont try to look "realistic", it ends up fake looking anyways and the flaws are so obvious they tend to break immersion. If a game isnt going for the realistic look you don't look for those realism flaws and immersion is kept. Imo.

Closest i've seen to realism (for faces/animations) is the tech they used in L.A Noire. But i doubt we'll see a game using that technique and with real actors again any time soon. I bet that tech + actors alone was at least 50% of the budget.
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