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September 6th, 2011, 15:10
Originally Posted by azarhal View Post
People wondered the same thing at the official forums. Answers from Pete or Todd (I don't remember which): Shields are setup by default in the right hand, but you can hold it in your left hand if you know what you are doing (he didn't explain how).
I seem to recall Todd (or some other dev) saying you could equip anything equippable in hands (sword, spell, shield, etc.) in either hand as you choose. The comment about "knowing what you're doing" seems strange, but could just mean that you need to be adept at controlling of your character - I presume the PC controls will be left and right mouse buttons control your left and right hands (on XBox it'll be the triggers) - OR that you'd need a perk (like dual-wielding does, IIRC).

Regarding encumbrance, I really like there to be a limit to what you can carry (based on your STR). I think an ENC limit is especially relevant on games like the ES series, where you can pick off nearly every item in the world and loot anything your opponent had on him. The limited ENC is a great way to try to preserve some balance in the game's economy (along with limiting vendors' money for purchasing your loot, of course). If you cannot haul five sets of plate armor along with dozens of different weapons back to town for selling, for instance, then you'll most likely not end up filthy rich by the first quarter of the game, which seems to be a problem in most ES games. At least ENC limits will discourage hauling a mountain of stuff with you.
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