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September 6th, 2011, 16:27
The airship is a place we can enter from all public locations and use as a starting point when we move to quest areas. We have a navigator that can take us to all public areas or to wilderness areas you've visited before. So getting to the guildship is a fast way to get to the area you want to play in.

In the airship you find a tavern (where you can rest and memorize spells) and banker. More important is that airships have different kinds of buffs.

E. g. we have different people you can talk to for buffs similar to spells cast on you (like + to healing received, + to hit and damage, + to spell level cast and so on). You will also find different shrines that gives you plus to attributes and resistances. At the moment we have +2 charisma, +1 constitution, +1 wisdom and +1 strength.

We even have a large guild chest where we can put items we want to give to others in the guild. So if you find something in the chest and need it then you can just take it.

Also interesting is the experience bonus shrine (+2% XP).
The higher level our guild becomes the more buffs we can get and the buffs become more powerful. At the moment we're guild level 46. At 47 we can upgrade to a +2 wisdom shrine. At guild level 50 we can buy a bigger ship etc.

All buffs last 1 hour or until you die.
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