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September 6th, 2011, 23:45
Revision 00000.93 is now beta. A full play through without any bugs is now possible. You know your game is becoming a game when you can just play it, and get lost in it for a while. A lot of changes have been added, and i've been able to do some code optimization with help from other sources. The only items left, is to add more content (and letting rogues dual wield, but it will come!):

New items:
- Fixed bug that would crash the game when training to level 5 and level 10
- Added item count in inventory too see how much space is left
- Status settings only show magic related stats, if Cleric or Sorcerer
- Command line only shows hit-points if not a magic user
- Fixed bug that improperly calculated Rogue's attack bonus when adding more dexterity points
- Fixed bug that improperly calculated melee damage when adding more strength points
- Fixed bug where you could pick up a guardsman or boss monster and put them in your inventory (ROFL)
- Fixed map issue in the crypts
- Some room descriptions enhanced
- Further optimization to command parser (now accepts some alternative verbs)
- Combat system slightly changed be more immersive
- Command parser optimized (extra spaces between commands are ignored)
- Rogues now only get +1 damage for light weapons, regardless of level
- Fixed bug where rogues would get +1 damage for all 1h weapons
- Added specialty spells for Sorcerers: (Mark/Teleport,Vision and Arcane Armor)
- Added specialty spells for Clerics: (Divine Attack and Cure Poison)
- Fixed bug when training anything other than Fighter class
- Fixed bug that was improperly calculating stat bonuses on character creation
- Added magic attack rating to STATUS view
- Added specialty spells to price list
- Rogues now use DEX instead of STR for calculating attack
- Rogues now get +1 to damage per level for light weapons
- Rogues can now have a chance to ambush an enemy
- Fixed bug for melee starting damage
- Fixed bug where attack rating was not properly recalculated when training
- General balancing of monsters
- Chests now only drop current dungeon level loot, nothing lower
- Chests now have the chance to spring traps
- Player has a chance to disarm traps according to Dexterity
- General optimizations
- Saved games are now encrypted
- Green vials now able to be used to cure poison
- Fixed issue where max melee damage was too high
- Fixed issue where melee damage was improperly calculated if stat roll was extremely low
- Monsters now have a small chance to poison the player upon successful hit
- Fixed bug where poison would still tick even during an invalid command
- General optimizations to monster levels
- New dungeon added! Can now access the city jail… and below… (dungeons)
- New monsters, bosses and rare treasure
- Pawnshop/Blacksmith owner now give you sales pitches when you enter the room
- Fixed issue where traps were being sprung in town
- Fixed issue where standing doing nothing (pressing enter with blank command) would crash the program
- Fixed issue where players starts in the wrong room
- Fixed issue where hero's armor was not properly calculated during combat
- Fixed issue when searching rare treasure chest where gold was dropping instead of treasure
- Many general optimizations
- Traps now added, can be either a poison or explosive trap when randomly wandering dungeons
- Proper rare treasure now added to game, can be found in treasure chests
- If a monster is in a room, they will block your attempts to search a treasure chest
- Bug fixed where if poisoned, would turn you in to a zombie, instead of kill you when health reached zero
- Bug fixed: When trying to access an item not in your inventory during combat, would crash the game.

…future plans to expand to other areas outside city and possibly other cities (forests, desert, crystal caves, etc)

UPDATE: We are planning a world builder that would allow people to build entirely new campaigns. With the world builder tool you could create:

- Completely new worlds/maps
- Introductions
- Weapons and Armor
- Spells
- Treasure
- Monsters
- Shops
- Trainers
- Possibly quests, but unsure if they're going to be randomly generated or even part of the full release.

The only thing that would be permanent would be races, classes and combat/leveling. (although that may change in a future expansion)

Shadows of Kalendale - Download Link

Please note: You may need the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package. This can be downloaded from the following location:

Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package

UPDATE: June 17th, 2012

Released source code to make your own campaigns:

Shadows v00000.96 Python source
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