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September 6th, 2011, 23:45
Welcome to the beta release (v0000.102) of Shadows of Kalendale: A single player text RPG (similar to a MUD in interface design)

New items:
- added colored text for combat
- optimized colored text
- fixed issue with vampire touch
- inventory max is now base + Strength
- fixed issue with using blue vials

Future Items:
- Dual Wield for Rogues
- More room descriptions
- Add Tavern
- Add areas outside town

Past Items:
- Added color text
- Fixed issue with Rogue stats when equipping and removing weapons
- Fixed issue with dex not being calculated properly when trying to flee from a battle
- Fixed issue when trying to use alternate commands
- Increased inventory size from 20 to 25
- Added more descriptions for other objects
- Fixed some dialogue issues
- Fixed issue where sorcerers could equip shields
- Fixed issue where drinking green vials out of combat would crash the game
- Fixed critical bug where game would crash when combat is initiated
- Many more code optimizations
- Fixed issue where Clerics would recieve more than 1 default spell upon character creation
- Combat now shows what weapons and armor are being interacted with
- Fixed bug that would crash the game when training to level 5 and level 10
- Added item count in inventory too see how much space is left
- Status settings only show magic related stats if cleric or Sorcerer
- Command line only shows hitpoints if not a magic user
- Fixed bug that improperly calculated Rogue's attack bonus when adding more dexterity points
- Fixed bug that improperly calculated melee damage when adding more strength points
- Fixed bug where you could pick up a guardsman or boss monster and put them in your inventory (ROFL)
- Fixed map issue in the crypts
- Some room descriptions enhanced
- Further optimization to command parser (now accepts some alternative verbs)
- Combat system slightly changed be more immersive
- Command parser optimized (extra spaces between commands are ignored)
- Rogues now only get +1 damage for light weapons, regardless of level
- Fixed bug where rogues would get +1 damage for all 1h weapons
- Added specialty spells for Sorcerers: (Mark/Teleport,Vision and Arcane Armor)
- Added specialty spells for Clerics: (Divine Attack and Cure Poison)
- Fixed bug when training anything other than fighter class
- Fixed bug that was improperly calculating stat bonuses on character creation
- Added magic attack rating to STATUS view
- Added specialty spells to price list
- Rogues now use DEX instead of STR for calculating attack
- Rogues now get +1 to damage per level for light weapons
- Rogues can now have a chance to ambush an enemy
- Fixed bug for melee starting damage
- Fixed bug where attack rating was not properly recalculated when training
- General balancing of monsters
- Chests now only drop current dungeonlevel loot, nothing lower
- Chests now have the chance to spring traps
- Player has a chance to disarm traps according to Dexterity
- General optimizations
- Savegames are now encrypted
- Green vials now able to be used to cure poison
- Fixed issue where max melee damage was too high
- Fixed issue where melee damage was improperly calculated if stat roll was extremely low
- Monsters now have a small chance to poison the player upon successful hit
- Fixed bug where poison would still tick even during an invalid command
- General optimizations to monster levels
- New dungeon added! Can now access the city jail (dungeons)
- New monsters, bosses and rare treasure
- Pawnshop/Blacksmith owner now give you sales pitches when you enter the room
- Fixed issue where traps were being sprung in town
- Fixed issue where standing doing nothing (pressing enter with blank command) would crash the program
- Fixed issue where players starts in the wrong room
- Fixed issue where hero's armor was not properly calculated during combat
- Fixed issue when searching rare treasure chest where gold was dropping instead of treasure
- Many general optimizations
- Traps now added, can be either a poison or explosive trap when randomly wandering dungeons
- Proper rare treasure now added to game, can be found in treasure chests
- If a monster is in a room, they will block your attempts to search a treasure chest
- Bug fixed where if poisoned, would turn you in to a zombie, instead of kill you when health reached zero
- Bug fixed: When trying to access an item not in your inventory during combat, would crash the game.
- Can now be poisoned through traps or other means
- Teleport scrolls now added! Will transport you 1-way back to town.
- Can now use items in combat!
- Added searchable items for special treasure (chests, etc)
- Fixed damage modifier bug when equiping or removing 2h weapons
- Fixed issue where player could not read divine/arcane spell prices
- Item descriptions added. You can now look at items, weapons, armor etc,.
- Dying now costs gold. The church will ressurect you and take a "donation" of gold from you based on your character level
- Your dexterity now directly affects your chance to flee an encounter
- Useable items! you can now buy red and blue vials (to restore health and mana respectively) at the apothecary. Not yet useable in combat.
- A scroll can be purchased now at the apothecary which will allow the user to transport back to town instantly
- Inventory can now only hold 20 items (the items you are wearing are excluded from that count)
- New feature! there is now a weather and day/night cycle in game
- New feature added! can now attack preplaced (non-spawned) NPCs. Just beware if you try and attack the city guards…
- Spellcasting now active! Cleric and Sorcerer can learn and cast level 1 spells. Cleric starts with default chanted spell "cure light wounds"
Sorcerer starts with default chanted spell "magic missle". Spell must be chanted out of combat. Additional spells can be taught at the Library
(Sorcerer) or Church (Cleric). Cleric healing spell can be cast outside of combat.
- Clerics can now only equip blunt weapons, Rogues can now only equip light shields, light armor, and light weapons
(only get bonus to light weapons). Sorcerers cannot wear armor (only robes/cloth), cannot use shields, and only use light weapons.
- Fixed a bug where if there was no treasure created for a certain level, would lock the program if attempting to generate
- Combat menu changed
- Treasure now drops according to room level, and not player level (sorry! no farming!)
- 2 handed weapons now functional!
- Cleric and Sorcerer class now fully functional except for specialty spells still need to be added
- Spell system now active! (not combat ready) Clerics and Sorcerers come with one spell in their spell book. Spell must be prepared (chanted) before it can be
cast in combat. Cleric spells can be taught at the church, while Sorcerer spells can be taught at the library (for the right amount of gold).
- Fixed bug when training Fighter level 3,6,9 (would not break loop when selecting a stat to increase)
- Release 75 has new savegame structure and will not work with older revisions
- Combat now has four options:'attack', 'spellcast', 'use' or 'flee'
- Moving to another room will now automatically show you if there are any items in it (you no longer have to type 'search')
- Looking in your inventory will also show you what you have equipped (you no longer need to type 'equipped')
- Fixed some small typos
- More game balancing
- Fixed bug where program would not run on some 32 bit machines
- Monsters will now only attack when navigating, resting or doing nothing (pressing enter with no command)
- Fixed bug where removing armor would increase armor rating instead of decrease
- Balanced some purchasable items
- New Character creation system! 4 Stats (Strength, Stamina, Dexterity and Intellect)
- 4 Races (Humans + 2 STR, Elves + 2 INT, Dwarves + 2 STA, Halflings + 2 DEX)
- 4 classes (Fighter + 1 dmg, Rogue + 1 armor, Sorcerer + 2 mana, and Cleric + 1 spell power)
- Combat system completely recreated!
- Bug fixed where gold was looted, but not added in inventory
- Exits added throughout first level of crypts
- Certain treasure now only appears according to character level
- Chests added to game that can be looted just like corpses
- Second level added to crypts (only 1 room, but has a new set of monsters that give more experience)
- New feature added: typing 'r' will execute the last typed command (NOTE: will not retype command, only execute it, good for resting!)
- Half of the room descriptions have been added in the city.
- The crypt has an entire level now scripted (room descriptions are not yet active)
- Game intro now added
- Health Points and Mana Points added to command bar
- Character stats rolling now added!
- Armor now factored in to combat!
- Loot system now active! upon dying, monster will leave a corpse. Corpse can be searched for items or gold (or nothing…). Gold will be picked up automatically, while items will fall to the ground to be picked up at leisure (and corpse will disappear)
- Items can be sold at the pawnshop
- Experience system has been added for monsters/kills
- Can now sell items at the pawnshop (for a discounted price)
- Glancing blows are now added to combat
- Rest system now recovers health AND mana points
- 10 Monsters added to crypts
- Combat system active
- City has been entirely re-created and mapped out
- Turn count system has been established (will eventually affect aging) and is affected by moving and by fighting monsters
- Added a blacksmith shop in the armory
- Can read the signs by using the "weapon prices", "armor prices" or "shield prices" command
- Player can purchase weapons, armor and shields
- Load or Save game (recognizes if there is no savegame file, or if it cannot overwrite a savegame file)
- Get and drop items in rooms
- Player gold system
- Inventory
- Slot items (Weapon, Armor, Shield)
- Can move up, down, north, south, east, west
- Commands are not case sensitive

…future plans to expand to other areas outside city and possibly other cities (forests, desert, crystal caves, haunted town, etc)…

The only thing that would be permanent would be races, classes and combat/leveling. (although that may change in a future expansion)

Shadows of Kalendale v0000.102
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