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September 7th, 2011, 07:32
Originally Posted by skavenhorde View Post
Ever think of going training your left hand to use the mouse? (…) I forgot to mention that switching to the left hand only works for turnbased games.
Oh my, this reminds me … (watch out, another Granny story ahead …)
Long after I had my gamer's wrist (after playing Doom for weeks on end - with a joystick! - and finding out that I couldn't play Doom with the cast, but was able to win using Baraka in MK 2 in the arcades) .. well, it must have been around the time of Half-Life, because I remember playing in a tournament where everyody was hacking away at each other with a crowbar. Anyway, during that tournament a girl - her nick was Killing Lilly - approached me and asked me if I was lefthanded. I'm not, and I told her so - I really had no idea what she was getting at until she told me:"Well, then you should be using the mouse with your right hand, dear." I always played shooters with the keyboard on my right and the mouse on my left., and only after she had said that I started to wonder … and retrained. Unfortunately, I never became as efficient with mouse/right than I had been with mouse/left - and when I tried to re-re-train, it wouldn't work anymore!
Sheesh *shakes head*. That's what you get for listening to others.
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