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September 8th, 2011, 00:00
One of my friends had an interview with Raphael Colantonio (co-creative director of Dishonored) in GC. I can't upload the video for at least a month, but these are some of the facts about Dishonored that I found interesting:

+ As an assassin, you will have some targets but you can avoid killing all of your targets altogether. If you don't like killing people, you can find alternate ways to eliminate/get rid of the targets without killing them.
+ The gameworld is based upon and advanced version of the old London. They looked at London in 1666 (and the plague) for base inspiration and then pushed it forward and came up with a different kind of technology compared to what exists today in the real world.
+Industrial revolution in Dishonored has been possible using 'Whale Oil' and all of the gadgets in the game world work using whale oil.
+ There are 3 or 4 endings, you can get revenge or try to set things right.
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