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September 8th, 2011, 20:38
Well, I think this needs to be seen in perspective. Lar and his studio are making it really hard for publishers with this particular (type of) game. Dragons with jet packs? Control dragon armies (instead of slaughtering them)? Mixing fantasy with fancy tech stuff?

Let's be realistic here. This game is screaming "niche" from the top of its lungs so I'm not sure why anyone (especially Lar) is the least bit surprised that major publishers are not exactly in a hurry to outbid each other.

I'd understand if he'd be disappointed in a lack of interest if he'd be trying to sell Divinity 3 (as a Diablo clone with a story and a purpose) to people but Dragon Commander is like fly-fishing minus the fly . I mean there's zero bait or reason to bite for a major publisher since this game is simply not going to appeal to a large audience.
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