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September 8th, 2011, 20:49
i think the comments of console port are way off as techland has never made a non-pc game, despite their last few also being on console. its no more consolized than say fallout 3. also despite the 1st day of udder gaming terror with bsod and crashes continually, the game has run flawlessly since day 2. i'm enjoying it alot more than borderlands and the quests really fit the world and the strugle for yours and others you help. when you complete a quest it's effects stay present in the world. if don't like melee combat and gore though i'd advise against the game. by no means a great game but it is fun and so far i've had no problem playing it solo though i'm still in act 1 chapter 3 out of 4 acts and i've put in over a dozen hours already.
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