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September 8th, 2011, 22:26
Now that I'm done with the pointless ramblings I'm thinking of taking the time time to catch up with some of the classics that I've missed. (And at this point I'd like to thank my new e-book reader and the wonderful Project Gutenberg for offering me more choices than I will ever need). Before that however, I noticed that Project Gutenberg has a bunch of stories by Philip K. Dick, surprisingly. And since that guy is slowly turning out to one of my favorites, I feel obliged to check them out. I picked the 'Variable Man' at random (or just because I liked the title) and so far it's as interesting as I expected. Check it out: it's free (and legal)

After that… I think I remember reading Moby-Dick when I was still in school but never finished it… I guess I could now give it another try. (Also, I'd like to clarify that my apparent attraction to 'Dicks' is purely incidental and only when it comes to literature - other than that I remain unquestionably and reliably straight as always.)
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