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September 9th, 2011, 01:09
Just finished KotOR 2: The Sith Lords with the Restored Content Mod 1.7.

Actually this was the first Obsidian game I played. I have never played one before, because I have a queer belief of upholding chronology when it comes to specific artists/musicians/etc that I feel are somehow important. And with Kotor 2 being somewhat unfinished and a restoration effort in the works I always held back.

And now that I finally played I am incredibly glad I did. Actually I think I have to consider it as one of my favorite games, possibly even my favorite RPG. The story and the setting resonate very well with me, and I am quite baffled why the game doesn't get more praise. It touches upon various philosophical, spiritual and psychological issues without feeling heavy-handed. And unlike PS:T the development of the main character is a lot more relatable metaphorically.

Of course the game has flaws and even with the restored content there is an area transition in the end game which feels a bit rushed, but the game definitely feels complete (although I don't know how "unfinished" it was without the restored content). There were still a handful of crashes, but nothing really annoying.

While I have to encourage everyone who hasn't played the game before to do it, I don't really know whether the restored content would justify an additional playthrough since most restorations seem to be minor quests and little pieces of dialogue here and there. From what I can gather, the only really big addition is the HK manufacturing plant which is not the droid planet and the actual gameplay there is very tedious, if you haven't built your HK-47 specifically to be able to solo other droids. But I found the small amount of dialog there actually more funny than most normal dialogs with HK-47.

Kotor 2 is a very introspective game and I was surprised at how good it actually is.
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