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September 10th, 2011, 03:29
Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
The same goes on for games in "the business" right now. Actual "playing" isn't needed anymore. All what counts is whether it is sold, it sells, or not. They are no more games [for them]. They are numbers. SKUs.

And I think this is, what Lar - as an underlying meaning" "is so yuk about", so to say.
Sometimes you need to let this go, Alrik.

Shops aren't about fostering art - they're about commerce. Larian could sell their houses, use the money to pay for development and give the game away for free, right? It would be all about the art. But (of course), they don't. Internally, you don't think Lar has worked on sales projections and costings? Of course he has! In fact, I bet they use the equivalent of skus internally.

To pick an example, GameStop has 6,500 stores. To put 2x copies of a game in each store (one display, one backup) means an investment of around $350,000 per sku. That needs to be paid for at some point in real money, not sentiment. Any manager would be a fool not use some form of stock tracking system to control this.

Now, I appreciate you don't care about all this but I know you like to buy real boxes at shops so someone needs to look after the business side or those shops won't be there for long.
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