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September 10th, 2011, 17:38
Not too impressed with this game i have to say.

The weapon breaking is very annoying, and doesnt really add to the atmosphere or gameplay at all. Yes, i realize that it probably gets better later on, overall i don't mind weapon breaking (like in SS2), but here it's just stupid, how can my crowbar or whatever break in like a minute?? Duh.

Game isn't even close to involving or scary. I could care less if i die since i'll just respawn in 2 seconds near where i just died. Sure, I loose a little money but i gain health/sta, guess which is more valuable, health/sta or money that i find within 10 seconds.. I never even look at my health bar since i stopped caring. "God mode" just isnt fun in games, any dev should know this.

Exploring isn't really possible at all because you reach a "you're leaving the playable area" within a minute or less of exploring. I mean wtf? The game is set on an _island_, how hard can it be to let the _island_ be the playable area, and the water the "unplayable" area? Super fail and shitty design.

The skill tree is boring as hell, nothing there really exicted me at all. I want to feel "cool, can't wait until i can get that one!", that's how it should be done, so again, really bad design.

Overall, a game done with console kids in mind that likes to play games in "god mode". It's a shame because it could have been a really great game with just a few tweaks here and there.
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