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September 11th, 2011, 21:42
Just finished Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines yesterday with all the fan updates. What a great game! It reminded me a lot of the original Deus Ex with the modern setting and the many, many ways you could approach battles. I really liked the way the game gives you XP for *finishing* a quest instead of giving you XP for every poor schmuck you kill off. The music was also a huge plus. I took a couple of videos just to record the music in the game!

This looks to be a game with some serious replayability, too. Going through again as a Nosferatu sure won't be like my playthrough, that's for sure!

The graphics are rather dated but not horribly so. The animations are quite good (particularly the sneaking) and the voice acting is well done. The story is great, too, with some real memorable characters.

About the only downer I can come up with are some difficulty spikes here and there. I'm not sure if those were the result of some of the fan-made changes or not. They could simply be the result of how I built my character, who was a LOT better at taking down normal humans and talking her way out of situations than blasting away at other vampires.

It did have some serious trouble with doors. I had to reload a few time simply because some object was blocking it or it closed on me as I went through and I couldn't escape. After awhile I learned to fear the doors, which cut down on my problems in the later game.

Next in line, Two Worlds 2, with its improved 3D. The graphics sure are awesome but the voice acting and animations…
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