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September 12th, 2011, 00:35
Originally Posted by Ball_Breaker
Finished Deus Ex:HR a week or so ago. Great game indeed I had a lot of fun with it, it reminded me something of the first two Deus Ex atmosphere with a bit of Metal Gear Solid 4 gameplay.
I haven't played the last two Metal Gear Solid titles, but I think (mostly because of the inclusion of boss fights) that Square Enix intends to make the new Deus Ex series a viable alternative to Metal Gear Solid.

Originally Posted by Zloth
This looks to be a game with some serious replayability, too. Going through again as a Nosferatu sure won't be like my playthrough, that's for sure!
I replayed VtM:Bloodlines just a few weeks ago for the second time. After I finished it for the first time years ago, I played some characters up until the second area to check out some of the other clans' abilities, but never really completed another playthrough.

And I was quite disappointed, actually. I remember that I loved the game when it first came out. I didn't have any problems with bugs either, so I was quite disappointed with the fan patch, too, which restores only very little unused content.

Apart from the combat the game really does not offer much opportunity to change your playstyle. There are only a handful of dialogs were you have an actual choice and most of it is in the first area and at the very end. The humanity system is also fairly restricting since most choices usually involve a good action and some heinous alternative which loses you humanity, so if you actually do play a bad guy you either have to pay to increase your humanity with experience points or stop actually playing a bad guy. Which is pretty much self-defeating.

Bloodlines maximizes the illusion of player choice while only having the absolute minimum of alternative paths available.

Originally Posted by Zaleukos
You are right that the droid factory is a bit of a slog, and it sort of highlights the issue that bothered me the most about the game. It forces you to use certain NPCs at certain times, and if you havent equipped them properly this can bite you…
I actually liked the idea of using two groups to accomplish goals "simultaneously" as I feel that it makes for a much more cinematic and dramatic experience. I have also replayed KotOR 1 before 2 to get the most out of the game, and it's a plus for me to be forced to use more companions than I would normally do. Having a companion just waiting aboard the ship, never seeing any real action just feels awkward to me.

It is problematic though, because sometimes you really don't want them to "lose" experience by levelling up in the wrong class too soon.

That said I really like the game. And it convinced me to finally play PS:T again.

I also looked up some of the Star Wars background and it seems that KotOR 2 is actually more grounded in the Expanded Universe's lore than the first part, which I find pretty surprising.
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