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September 15th, 2011, 00:33
Game of Thrones is in setting too close to Bethesda's own series. I don't think they are against working on other franchises (see Fallout 3) as long as it gives them a different setting to work on.

It's interesting to see that Bethesda was bought up by Zenimax (with alot of Hollywood in the board) to work on movie games (it was worded more eloquently like hollywood meeting interactive entertainment). It seems that after the Terminator games and the failed Stargate game I just recently learned about coupled with the success of Arena and Daggerfall has changed their attitudes to licensed work considerably.

The problem of licensed properties from other media is that the media probably already has inspired games that used elements of the original property but used their own brand and gameplay. When the licensed game finally comes around it falls short in comparison to the unlicensed similarly themed game-series that have been around longer.

For example the expensive Godfather game felt like a GTA clone.

BTW doesn't Obsidian work with another studio on a Wheel of Time game? I never heard of them being offered Game of Thrones, but it is possible because I think they probably would have approached several studios before ending up at Cyanide.
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