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September 15th, 2011, 00:36
Originally Posted by Fnord View Post
While we are on the topic of Deus Ex, I find that game to be quite overrated. Good, yes, but it is often given credit for things that it did not even do. Take the whole multiple path/multiple ending thing that people sometimes bring up. Yes, the game did have multiple endings, but what dictated what ending you got was one decisions on the very last level. As far as I can tell, you could get all different endings no matter what you actually did during the game (well one ending was hard to get to unless you had invested points in either regeneration or hazard suit use)
I don't think too many people give Deus Ex praise for multiple paths in terms of story, but in terms of gameplay. The freedom of choice element existed as a gameplay-driven experience, meaning that a player could choose how they wanted to accomplish each objective within the rather large, non-linear, and open levels. For this, Deus Ex deserves every ounce of praise, as it is very rare for a game to allow such a large amount of player freedom and flexibility in deciding how they want to accomplish an objective, rather than having the style of play dictated for them by the game itself. By giving the player such creative freedom and the ability to dictate or change their own approach to playing the game at any given time, the original Deus Ex has still not been topped in my opinion.
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