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September 15th, 2011, 14:20
Originally Posted by Nerevarine View Post
Maybe because some people actually thought it was a good game? Is it being an apologist to simply have a different opinion from the established consensus? I got a lot more enjoyment out of IW than Bioshock, that's for sure. To me, I think the failings of IW are grossly exaggerated as a result of people being stuck on the fact that it wasn't as good as the original, and of course the (understandable ) PC bias that comes from a former exclusive going multi-platform. But from my perspective, IW is far from a terrible game when judged by its own merits - something that is almost impossible to most people because of the "Deus Ex" in the title and the expectations that go along with it.
Well I'm glad you enjoyed it. I also know a guy who thought Dungeon Lords was good.

Originally Posted by Fnord View Post
While we are on the topic of Deus Ex, I find that game to be quite overrated. Good, yes, but it is often given credit for things that it did not even do. Take the whole multiple path/multiple ending thing that people sometimes bring up. Yes, the game did have multiple endings, but what dictated what ending you got was one decisions on the very last level. As far as I can tell, you could get all different endings no matter what you actually did during the game (well one ending was hard to get to unless you had invested points in either regeneration or hazard suit use)
DX was great for more than one reason, but I don't know anyone who would claim it was great because it had multiple endings.
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